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Our Team

Meet the Great Livin’ team. In the world of care for those with intellectual disabilities, our people have knowledge and depth of experience that is second to none. We are innovators, communicators, and problem solvers. But most of all, we are passionate about helping each individual live their best life.

Matt Poel


Matt Poel CEO.jpg

Sarah Poel


Sarah Poel COO.jpg

Jeanette Benjamin

Program Director

Jeanette Benjamin Program Director.jpg

Lori Fierro


Lori Fierro.jpg

Victor Addi

Program Manager

Victor Addi.jpg

Austin Werner

Program Manager

GL Austin Werner.jpg

Ty Dakai

Residential Manager

Ty Dakai House Manager .jpg

Kobe Jane

Healthcare Coordinator

Kobe Jane.jpg

Hope Contreras

Residential Manager

GL Hope Contreras.jpg

Keely Noriega

Contract Registered Nurse

Keely Noriega RN.jpg

Shannon Benavidez

Contract Registered Nurse

Shannon Benavidez RN.jpg
Chris Laughlin.jpg

Christopher Laughlin


Victoria Bazan

Operations Assistant

Victoria Bazan Operations Assistant.jpg

 Contact Great Livin'

CALL 505.246.6971 OR EMAIL:

Thank you for contacting Great Livin'.

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