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Quality Assurance

Continuous Improvement

Great Livin’ is committed to continuous improvement and the integration of best practices beyond standard national and state regulatory requirements. Great Livin’ holds accreditation from one of the country’s most recognized quality assurance organizations, The Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL).

CQL Accreditation

CQL provides human service organizations and systems a proven framework for quality monitoring and enhancement. It goes far beyond just an on-site review, encompassing an ongoing partnership where CQL and the agency collaborate to ensure that person-centered approaches are playing out not only in policy, but especially in practice. CQL Accreditation integrates internationally-recognized and trademarked tools to ensure that organizations continually improve the quality of supports and the quality of people’s lives, leading to the achievement of individually-defined outcomes by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

CQL 10 Basic Assurances®

  • Rights Protection and Promotion

  • Dignity and Respect

  • Natural Support Networks

  • Protection from Abuse, Neglect, Mistreatment and Exploitation

  • Best Possible Health

  • Safe Environments

  • Staff Resources and Supports

  • Positive Services and Supports

  • Continuity and Personal Security

  • Basic Assurances® System
    For more information about specific CQL Basic Assurances® indicators, click here

Personal Outcome Measures®

Personal Outcome Measures (POMs) are a powerful tool to ensure supports and services are truly person-centered. 21 indicators are used to understand the presence, importance and achievement of outcomes, involving choice, health, safety, social capital, relationships, rights, goals, dreams, employment and more. The data is then used to inform a customized, person-centered plan. For decades, Personal Outcome Measures have been an effective data set for valid and reliable measurement of individual quality of life.

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