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Person-Centered Planning

Great Livin’ is completely dedicated to Person-Centered Planning. This process involves person-centered thinking, person-centered service planning, and person-centered practice, placing an individual at the very center of planning supports. Person-Centered Planning is designed to identify the strengths, capacities, preferences, and needs of the person. It enables and assists the individual to identify and access personalized services and supports, and to assist in achieving personally defined outcomes in the community.

Human Rights

Great Livin’ is committed to the review, by Human Rights Committees, of proposed restrictions to a person’s rights based on documented health and safety concerns. HRCs are required for all Living Supports (Supported Living, Family Living, Intensive Medical Living Services), Customized Community Supports (CCS) and Community Integrated Employment (CIE) Provider Agencies. Great Livin’ believes the HRC process is essential to create dignity of service delivery.

Supports Assessment

The nature of supports has changed over time, so that care in a restricted setting such as an institution has been replaced with practical supports to enable individuals to live as fully participating members of their community. This concept has revolutionized the way habilitation and education services are provided to persons with intellectual disabilities. Rather than mold individuals into pre-existing diagnostic categories and force them into existing models of service, the supports approach evaluates the specific needs of the individual and then suggests strategies, services, and supports that will optimize individual functioning. The supports approach also recognizes that individual needs and circumstances will change over time. Great Livin’ utilizes standardized assessment tools to evaluate and implement practical supports which people with developmental disabilities need to lead independent lives.

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