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Independent Living

Our primary goal is to support individuals to live as independently as possible in the community. To meet that objective, Great Livin’ operates six supported-living homes for adults in ordinary residential neighborhoods. Each home is fully staffed with a House Manager and direct care staff. At Great Livin' LLC our direct care staff have the job title of Coach.  We believe that supporting people with Intellectual Disabilities is more than caregiving, it is modeling positive interaction, supporting with daily needs but also teaching and coaching on doing those things more independently. We have no more than four clients in each home supported living DD Waiver home. All Great Livin’ managers and caregivers complete a six-month on the job training course in addition to all state-mandated trainings and individual-specific training. Beyond compliance with all state and federal regulations, Great Livin’ is one of only a handful of Albuquerque providers whose service quality is evaluated regularly by an independent third party (see Quality Assurance).

Supported Living

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